Become a Volunteer

Being a Oceans Grief & Loss volunteer

Our Oceans Grief and Loss programme can only function with the help of volunteer facilitators. If you are a caring person with an interest in this area of support or know someone who may be interested in becoming an Oceans Grief and Loss facilitator then register your interest with us on the Oceans contact form. The process to become a qualified facilitator begins with our 10 hours of training, which covers grief theory, communication skills, role play and programme overview. There is an application form that we use to learn more about you and do some background checking to see if you would be suitable. The next step is to assist an experienced facilitator with a real programme. People who make themselves available are privileged to be part of strengthening the people we work with and feel incredibly blessed to be part of the process.

Being a Social Justice Advocacy volunteer

The qualities that we are looking for in our volunteer advocates are as follows:

  • Non-judgmental
  • ‘Unflappable’ – calm and reassuring when people are stressed
  • Flexible - both time-wise and in your approach to what each individual needs.

We will provide you with training opportunities, advice/constructive feedback, and an open invitation to debrief about any situation that you are finding challenging. In return, we require your commitment to confidentiality, teamwork, and effective advocacy for the people you are asked to support.

Register your interest as a volunteer

  • Please Note

    Routine police vetting will be carried out, and personal qualities and general life experience are more relevant for this role than any specific qualifications.