Grief & Loss

Have you experienced loss?

Join a facilitated group session for children or adults.


Have you experienced loss?

Oceans Grief and Loss programme is a peer support programme developed to support people of all ages. We have a children's programme that runs for nine weeks and a similar programme to support to adults over six weeks.

Participants learn to talk about their experience of grief and they learn they are not the only ones experiencing these emotions. This programme assists people to share with each other in a supportive environment helpful ways to live with their losses.

Groups are made up of up to six people and are supported through the programme by two trained and caring facilitators.

Grief & Loss Peer Support

OCEANS is a Grief and Loss Programme

It provides an opportunity for people who are missing someone in their lives to:

  • Share and learn from others experiencing a similar loss.
  • Experience and learn from the programme activities developed to assist people to cope with loss and change in their lives.
  • Be supported by caring and trained Facilitators who are experienced in delivering the OCEANS Programme.
  • People experiencing the pain of loss or separation from someone they love.

Who is Oceans for?

  • Those who have had someone significant in their life die. (eg. a parent, child, or spouse)
  • Someone who has lost a really important friend through death or family separation.
  • When you have lost someone you love but have never really mourned.
  • A person who is living with a foster family and misses their birth parent/s.
  • If you are missing someone in your family due to separation, divorce, or imprisonment.

The OCEANS Programme is based on the therapeutic model, the Continuing Bonds Model of Grief and Loss.

Oceans Grief and Loss Course Outline

Our programme follows a general pattern that you will find with most Grief and Loss support programmes. We take time in the early sessions to connect with each other and build trust within the group. We discuss our feelings, in particular the emotions associated with grief and helpful ways to live with our loss/es. This builds up to the point of telling our story of loss and the memories related to the missing person. After this we talk about change and the strengths we possess to live with our changes and the people and things that will support us into the future.

This is a supported journey that we can celebrate at the end to have been part of each other's life and story.

Oceans Programme

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Adult Enrolment

Kia ora, I'm Matt Cameron

Teacher, Counsellor, Tennis Coach and Referee and Oceans Coordinator

Matt was born in Morrinsville (Waikato, NZ) and first studied electrical engineering. He decided he wanted to work with people so after a year serving as a youth worker, he then completed a degree at Bible College in Auckland, majoring in Pastoral Care (BCNZ – now Laidlaw). At the conclusion of his degree, he went to Teachers College and trained as a primary teacher. Matt moved to Timaru in 1997 and has taught full-time in various primary schools for 13 years. During that time, he married and together with his wife they had two boys. While he was teaching his desire to serve people led him to complete a Counselling Diploma (and be a better husband). Matt had a small break from full-time teaching to do a mixture of relief teaching, counselling, tennis coaching, administration and refereeing. He is now working as a secondary school teacher, along with coordinating the Oceans grief and loss programme. With his Christian faith leading him and following his passions, it is a nice fit for what he does for Anglican Care. He has been working for Anglican Care since 2007 and coordinating the Oceans programme since 2012.